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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is It Time for a Change?

Since this is a Triathlon Training (for the most part) blog I try to stay away from items of a more personal nature. I have made my missteps along the way, but I think I have held true to that more often than not. 

But (you knew there was a but coming didn't you?)......

A little background in order, for those of you who have not read the blog long or that don't know me personally (and those that have read the blog and know me personally but have no interest in my vast and sordid past:

I did not make it through high school proper. I spent most of my education bored to tears so as soon as I could I left school (after my junior year) and went to Adult High School. I graduated from there with an A average (go figure ... I was failing in high school) a full 5 months before my class did (Class of 81 - Go Bulldogs). I was playing in a couple of different bands at the time, but being from a small town like DeLand, Florida, the prospects both in music and in the job market in general was pretty bleak. Faced with this future I joined the Navy and left for boot camp in June 1981. I would spend the next TEN years of my life there. I cannot say it was all bad, but it was mostly bad. I didn't like the long periods at sea, the IOWA situation (Google "USS IOWA Explosion" for the story. I cannot go into it here), being flown out for service in Desert Storm after only being home from my last IOWA deployment, but I did make some good friends which I still have to this day, and I saw a great deal of the world, including Russia, Australia, and all of the Mediterranean, so it had its good points.

The USS IOWA (BB-61) - Being all BAD ASS
At the ten year point I had to make a decision. I was coming out of Desert Storm and the ship I was stationed on, the USS Sampson, was being decommissioned, so I had to decide whether to re-enlist and finish out my ten years until retirement, or leave the service. I was 27, single, so decided it was time to move forward. I entered Daytona Beach Community College in 1991 and got my AA in Psychology in 1994. I then moved on to UCF and got my BA in Psychology in 1996. After leaving for a year to work, I re-entered UCF and got my Masters in Public Administration in 2000. I worked in numerous Non-Profits in DeLand, Orlando, and then Tampa, but knowing the MPA was holding me back I thought an MBA would increase my job options and salary, so I entered USF in 2005 and received my MBA in 2007.

So there ya go. Ten year Navy Veteran. BA in Psychology. Two Masters Degrees. A Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma. Pretty cool huh? Should be set huh?

Nope ... 

So, at the age of 49, I sit again thinking it might be time for a change.

If my marketability is not what I thought it would be with the training and education I have, what other options are there?

Here is my thinking ... 

If I am going to make the salary level I am at, I might as well do something I like and am truly interested in right? 

So what is that?

In a complete 360 I have been developing an interest in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. At first it was just a thought ... a spark of interest ... something I would look up on Google when questions arose. But now I am beginning to think more seriously. This has been sparked of course by my recent forays into Triathlons and Running, and trying to understand how foods effect my performance and weight.

So what does everyone think?

Ridiculous for someone at this point in life to even be thinking about?

Maybe ....