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Monday, October 8, 2012

Change of Seasons

It is inevitable every year.

A passing of the torch.

The bikes are cleaned up, tuned up, and set to the side as a secondary item for "cross training". 

The Triathlon gear is sorted, placed into piles of things that still have some use in them, and things that are beyond repair and must be thrown out or donated.

The nutrition is gone through and checked for expiration dates, and thrown away if needed.

All of the hard work for the past ten months ... all of the long rides ... the hard runs off the bike ... the endless laps in the pool ... is over ... at least for a few months. Yes you will still ride. You will still swim. But now it is more for maintenance. To keep the muscles alive and loose. But there are no races looming in the next few weeks. Few Months. No ... no races until April 2013 ... 7 months from now. You could almost have a baby in that amount of time. Training is not over. Training is a year long effort. But the HARD training is. All of those days where you pulled yourself out of bed and got on the bike to get that one last spin in, just 20 more miles to reach the 100 mile mark for the week, is now put aside. You will still be doing it, of course, because Ironman sleeps for no one, but the urgency is no longer there.

And you will miss it ... 

But ...

There are still many mountains to climb isn't there?

Triathlon might be done but now the process of preparing for next season begins. Part of that process, at least for me, is the start of running season. On the agenda already is the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 10th. Followed by the Disney Goofy Challenge, The Best Damn Race, and the Gasparilla set. Sandwiched in between will be some Century Rides (the first being on December 1st for the American Lung Cancer group).

So it is time for new goals and new targets. After reviewing my races this year I managed to step off the ledge a little and realized that the main reason my races got worse was that my running got worse. Many factors here I think, but it still comes down to the fact that I need to put in more time running, and make a point of ALWAYS running after the bike, no matter the distance. It took a little time, and some hard honesty, while looking through the past year's logs but it seems that I was getting all of my swimming and biking in, but I slacked some on the running department. It wasn't a lot of slacking, mostly cutting the run off the bike short, or skipping a during the week run. We had some weather issues as well, but that was an excuse. So the course is clear ...

By the time next triathlon season starts JC will be a runner.

I know it is going to be hard. I try to explain the unique challenges of someone "my size" has when it comes to running. The pounding of 245 pounds on feel and knees is not fun, but there has to be a change here. Long, slow miles if I have to. Training will be mostly on my own, which presents its own challenges for me, until the weekends, but a few other teammates have offered to meet and run with me after work, so it might not be so bad. I suck when left to my own devices. :-)

I was a bit down after the Ironman last week when I realized how my races went this season, but I took the week off, and decided that I was going to hit the road hard when TNT met again on Saturday. The scheduled called for 9 miles and I wanted to do it under 2 hours, a feat that was out of my reach all this year. I am happy to say that I did get that goal, finishing my run in 1:57:14. Not the greatest I know, but so much better than I had been running. I tried it with the Newtons, and pulled a blister on the second pinky toe of each foot (due mostly to socks I think), but I finished the run knowing I could do another 4. It gave me hope. I had never done a half marathon in under 3 hours, but at that pace I would have done it. I have 30 days to ENSURE I do it under 3 (my previous best is 3:17:00).

As a side note I would like to share a story with you which illustrates the ignorance I have to put up with in my life. When I was gone from work two of the "manager's" on my floor asked a co-worker where I was. She told them I was out for the Half Ironman in Georgia. Their response was not "Wow, good for him" or "Amazing he can do that type of thing". No, it was "He doesn't seem the type that can do those races". Just what the hell does that mean?? I guess their intent was to actually ask me that when I got back. Not a good idea. They were dutifully warned by my co-worker that it was a bad idea to ask me that, because I take this very seriously and it is not a joke to me. One took the advice. One didn't. And the one that didn't was invited to go back to his office and ... well .... "make love to himself". After a year you'd think they'd know me better huh?

I am getting ornery in my old age :-)