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Monday, September 24, 2012

Augusta 70.3 - T Minus 6 Days

As promised, here are today's random thoughts ... 

Working where I do always takes a lot out of me. It's not that the work is hard, or taxing on the mind. It's the opposite. It's basically the same thing over and over and over again, and even that wouldn't be so bad if you felt that anything you were doing was making one bit of difference. I was having this quick discussion with someone just recently, that I feel like I contribute nothing to the betterment of society by doing what I do for a living. It wasn't always like that. Even though I had issues with my employment at Moffitt, you felt like you were making a difference. We were helping people in the long run, so it made the job bearable. Before that at Healthy Start you really felt like you made a difference in people's lives. But here? Running rote reports that no one reads, and even those that read it couldn't interpret it correctly .... just doesn't cut it.

It makes it hard, at the end of the day, to drag yourself away from the cubicle where you just sat for 8-10 hours and drive 25 miles, change into bike clothes, or run clothes, and somehow find the energy to run those 10 miles, or bike those 30 miles. Sure ... you'll do it ... but the quality is not there. Miles are miles, and saddle time is saddle time, so they say, it just becomes a grind at times.

This is a taper week, so the workouts are smaller, and now based on time and not mileage. Nothing I can do during the next 6 days is really going to affect my race in a positive way (though there are many things I can do that can affect it negatively), so it's relax time. Spin my 30 minutes tonight, and lightly run my 30 minutes. Trying to keep in mind the words of my friend Summer, who wrote me today on Facebook:

No negative thinking is allowed. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Each day leading up to a race I focus on one quote that inspires me. So here you go Day 1: "Twenty seconds before a race, there's absolute focus. The key thing is to achieve relaxation, but at the same to have absolute total control. You've got to find the balance between being totally ready to go and being really at peace with yourself as well." Freeman

I am going to try to live by this ... put the negative thoughts out of my head and think positive. That means I cannot hear anything negative from anyone else, so I need to shut myself off from the naysayers. Positive thinking is not my forte, so it will be hard.

I have also been thinking about my goals for the race. I try to stay realistic when I do this, so I resist the urge to think "I am going to fly through the bike at 18-20 mph". I'd love to do that, but I know from my Florida experience that it is not very realistic, and that just results in disappointment at the end, so taking that into account, this is what I am shooting for:

I can swim in the pool at a 36-38:00 pace, so taking into account this is fresh water and 1.2 miles, I am shooting for 45:00. I know people have told me that this swims is downstream and will cut 10:00 off your pace, but I am leaving it as it is, and if it's faster, then GREAT.

I had a rough time in Florida with the hills, but after my ride Saturday I know I am stronger now. Even so, I am just shooting for a 15 mph pace overall, so that put me at 3:44:00, which is exactly my Florida time. I think I can do better, and would love to break 3:30:00, but we will see.

The run is hard for me, so I am estimating a 16:00 mile to be conservative. I honestly do not think it will be better than that. Time goal is 3:29:00.

With T1 and T2 both around 5:00, this gives me a race time of 8:09:00. My Florida time was 8:37:14, so even being conservative is cutting 28 minutes of my PB. Am I over shooting?