Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never Mind That Noisy Bird

Not a triathlon post but something I find amusing that I thought I would share.

Have you ever been with someone and they are singing along to a song, happy as can be, and have the words wrong. It cracks me up what they are think they are saying. I have a couple of stories (one old and one new) that stick in my head about this.

First the old one (and I apologize for those reading this that are easily offended by stupid little words. You may stop reading now if you are.).

When I was dating my first wife in high school we would sing at the top of our lungs along to the radio or the ... yes ... 8 track tape. At some point a David Bowie song came on WDIZ (if you're from DeLand area you KNOW the station I refer to) and we are singing singing singing. Afterwards I mentioned to her that I was surprised they allowed that song on the radio,

"Why?" she answered, all wide eyed and innocent. This is where you can see my sense of humor has not changed much since I was a teenager. Probably not a good thing.

"Because they keep saying 'suck on your titty'," I said. I was totally joking but she says "I wondered if that's what he was saying".

Ok, now fast forward 6 years. We are now married with a son and we are driving in the car when the same song comes on. I by now had forgotten all about this past discussion, so she is singing along and the part comes on ... 

"Gonna suck on your titty! Gonna suck on your titty!" she chimes in.

I look over at her and ask "what...the HELL...are you singing??"

"It's the suck on your titty song right?" She asks.

"Are you kidding??" I said. "Where did you get THAT from??"

"From You!!!" she said.

"<insert name>! I was kidding!! The name of the song is "Suffragette City!!!". That's what he's saying!!"

She had been singing it like that for 6 years. Of course I found this HILARIOUS. She .... not so much.

Another quick story about her. She went grocery shopping one Sunday and when she came back she was putting them away and was telling me everything she had bought. About half way through I asked "No Vegetables??" "No," she said. "I didn't see anything I liked". She she goes on again and says "corn", "string beans ....". "Wait!" I said."You said you didn't get vegetables?"  "I didn't," she said. "But you just said corn and string beans!".

"Those are canned goods!"

I stand corrected. 

So this leads up to Jennifer (I'm allowed to use her name). We were talking one days about the best running music. I think she will agree that before she met me her musical taste was not what it is now. I introduced her to the power of heavy rock and metal when running (although she is not a KISS fan ... yet). So as we were going through songs she said:

"You know what song I like? The Noisy Bird song"

Noisy Bird song?? "What," I asked, "is the Noisy Bird song?"

"You played it for me ... you know it. the one that goes "Never Mind That Noisy Bird". 
I was at a lost, so she hummed it for me.

I busted out laughing, so hard I had tears coming down my face.

"WHAT??? Why are you laughing at me???"

"Jenny ... it's "Never Mind That Noise You Heard" from Enter Sandman. Metallica."

"Oh .... now that song makes more sense"

You just gotta love that kind of thing ... 

Almost as good as my sister singing "suma numa numa numa Feelgood" for "He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood"