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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Down With O.P.P.?

The thing about triathlon is, as the Joker put it in Batman (1989) ... 

".... all those wonderful toys ...."

No matter what you have, and no matter how long ago you got it, you always have an eye on the next thing .. the next step in your progress to WORLD CLASS TRIATHLETE. Because you know ... you KNOW ... all that's keeping you from the podium is a new set of carbon race wheels that cost $1,200. That extra 2 grams of weight is all that's holding you BACK man ... 

The Bike Batman Would Ride
At the risk of breaking a commandment, Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Gear, you gaze upon the beauty of the Litespeed sitting next to your bike in transition. "Oh Man," you think. "I just know I could manage 20mph overall if I had a bike like that". Of course, it never enters your head that you just dropped almost 3k on that brand new Scott Plasma, and you manage 18-20mph just fine on that.

Spiderman's Tri Bike
"But it's that flat black paint, Man!!" You envision yourself as some Triathlon version of Batman, cruising through the bike portion, using your batarangs to take out the competition one by one (really just henchmen of Two Face anyway). You know Batman would never lose a triathlon, and his bike and gear would be so much cooler than Spiderman's. 

Disclaimer: I only bring up Batman because I am, in fact, THE Batman. I have the tattoo to prove it.

The bottom line fact is though, no matter the amount of money you spend on any toy, gear, gadget, clothing, it will go no faster than your body and training will take it. If you don't put in the training, you'll be trying to chase down an 11 year old down the flat course of Crystal River and get so worn down by the end that you can't run at all. Not that it happened to me. 

Put an untrained person on a 10k bike and it will still only go 12mph. Conversely, put Lance Armstrong on your $800 Scott road bike and he will move at 30mph. It's ALL about the engine.

Is yours tuned up and ready to go?