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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thoughts While Riding the Badger

"Wow, this bike is really light ... I wonder if it will hold me up"

"Clips work the same ... thank God"

"Ok ... lets just see if we can do one loop. Stop if you need to. Take it easy."

"Holy Crap ... this is very weird"

"So this what the front of my bike looks like"

"Ok ... pedal slowly"

"Man this seat is finding spots on my bum that I didn't know were there."

"Thank God for the two prongs ... I'd be squished for sure"

"Ok...pedal ... pedal ..."

"Why the Hell does it feel like I am pushing no matter what gear I am in????"

"Ok...there is NO comfortable spot on this bike. None."

"Am I really doing 23 miles per hour???"

"If something runs out of those woods I will never see them ... this must be why KC hits those animals"

"Stop lifting your head up .... "

"This riding in aero thing is hard"


"Ok...mishap avoided. Why did that thing look like it was laughing at me??"

"Pedal Pedal Pedal ... keep legs moving .... "

"Even coasting hurts .... "

"What do you mean that's only two miles?????"