Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Report from Fort DeSoto

It's official ... I can now call myself a triathlete and show the tattoo on my arm and say "Yes. I have done one". But man oh man was it harder than I expected it to be.

First issue was related to my site. Once you set up your transition area you are not allowed back in. Now....I wear glasses...which I obviously cannot take on the swim with me so I had to leave them with the bike ... which mean I could not see until I got back to car to get into wet suit and grab goggles, which I had to wear to be able to see. Am I the only one who wears glasses? Can they not figure out a way to accommodate those of us that do wear them??

The swim sucks .. compounded by the fact that my body decided that, while in staging area, it wanted to poo. Breathing issues almost immediately caused me to back stroke and side stroke the whole race. The current and waves were strong, bouncing me around, which ended up with me swimming 1.1 miles (according to GPS) for a half mile swim. (35:14). Not bad for a mile. Sucks for a half mile.

My T1 transition was very bad at over 14 minutes. Getting out of the wet suit, into a shirt, shoes, hydrating, etc just took too long. I will have to work on it.

The bike went about as expected. Head winds were bad which pushed my speed down. Otherwise I was averaging in the 18mph range. Seems I can't get a break with a calm ride just once. (43:14). Planned on 45:00.

T2 was really good at 3:56, but only had to rack bike, change shows and hat.

The run started out bad. I was exhausted and obviously wasn't fueled well enough. Legs felt like granite and walked a lot the first two miles. TNT coach ran back to me and caught me at mile 2 and got a second wind. Finished in 1:06:13 which is not my best pace but planned on 1:20:00 so much better than I thought I would do.

Lots of lessons learned. Total time was 2:40:56. On the site it isn't showing my run time and looks like I had a DNF. I think they closed the course at hour 3, but I went in next to last wave so not really fair not to count my run since I did finish in allotted time. Oh well. I know what I did. :)